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Tincknell Heating, Oil Service Terms & Conditions

1. This agreement shall commence on the Commencement Date and shall continue in force for one year and thereafter from year to year until terminated by either party giving to the other no less than one months prior written notice.

2. Work

(a) A Routine Service of the equipment shall be as detailed in the appropriate category of the Schedule of Routine Services. It will be carried out at a mutally convenient time during normal working hours.

(b) Additional work may be undertaken only with prior mutual consent of both The Customer and The Consumer.

3. Equipment

(a) The Customer agress to indemnify the Contractor against any claim or claims whatsoever and howsoever arising in connection with the equipment to be serviced or repaired (or any part thereof) other than any claim or claims caused by negligence or default of the contractor. ;

(b) The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the equipment subject to service or repair and the use of such equipment is always in accordance with all the relevant statutes by-laws or regulations appertaining thereto and the Cutomer shall keep the Contractor indemnified against any claims whatsoever arising from any breach of such statutes by-laws or regulations.

(c) The Contractor may at any time notify the Customer that it is not possible to service or repair and the use of such equipment and in the event of any such notification further work shall be suspended until the Customer has taken such measures necessary and reasonable to enable the Contractor to proceed.

(d) The Contractor may advise a plumber is required for the hot water side of a combinatioon boiler.

4. Spares

(a) Where any parts are required are npt held in stock by the Contractor they will be ordered from an appropiate supplier for delivery to the Contractor by normal means and the Contractor will not be liable for any inability to complete the service or repair due to delays in delivery of these parts.

(b) All spares remain the property of the Contractor until paid for in full by the Customer.

5. Charges

(a) The Contractor reserves the right to vary from time to time any or all of the charges referred to in this agreement.

(b) In cases where a Service Engineer fails to gain access to equipment and resonable notice of cancellation of the appointment or emergency call has not been given by the Customer a charge will be levied.

6. Force Majeure

The Contractor shall not be responsible for any failures to fulfil its obligations if fulfilment has been delayed hindered or prevented by any strike or the threat thereof or compliance with any governmental order or restriction or any other circumstance not reasonably within the control of the Contractor

Routine Service Schedule 1 - Oil

Category A

Natural Draught Appliances

Forced Draught or Fan Assisted Vapourising Burners

1. Brush burner/heater flue-ways. Advise customer if further cleaning is necessary.

2. Clean burner or pot and renew wicks where applicable.

3. Clean and check electrical ignition where applicable. Renew if necessary.

4. Inspect oil feed pipes connecting the burner to oil control and check connections are sound.

5. Adjust burner level if necessary. Check operation of oil control.

6. If fan fitted, clean fan and housing. Lubricate motor if reccommended by manufacturer.

Category B

Pressure Jet Burners

1. Brush burner/heater flue-ways. Advise Customer if further cleaning is required.

2. Examine combustion chamber refractories where accessible. Advise Customer of condition and if rebuilding is required.

3. Replace nozzle.

4. Clean ignition electrodes insulators. Replace if necessary.

5. Check flame failure device for correct operation and cleanliness.

6. Clean and examiine combustion air fan and fan housing. Lubricate motor if recommended by manufacturer

7. Replace flexible oil line annually or bi-annually if a long life line is fitted.

If you have Combination Boiler the additional checks will also be carried out:

8. Check integrity of pressure vessel.

9. Check hot water operation.

10. Check pressure relief valve.

If you have a Condensing Boiler:

11. We will clean the condense trap providing it is accessible

7. Check flue connecting pipe where reasonable access is provided. Advise customer if further cleaning required.

8. Check for the correct operation of burner controls. RE-set boiler thermostat to not less than the minimum temperature recommended by manufacturer.

9. Set up burner and carry out the appropriate combustion test.

10. Leave exterior of all units in a clean condition.

11. Fuel system:

  • a. Check oil storage tank(s) for water and drain off where suitable drain valve(s) are provided.
  • b. Viually inspect the exposed parts of the oil supply system for leaks.
  • c. Inspect oil filter or transfer pumps if fitted.
  • d. Clean and inspect line filters fitted. Replace elements if necessary.
  • e. Replace paper filter on each routine service.

Where the following types of equipment are installed additional service will be carried out as under:

12. Warm Air Furnaces:

  • a. Clean and examine air distribution fan and motor assembly.
  • b. Check tension of driving belt.
  • c. Lubricate fan and motor bearings if recommended by manufacturer.
  • d. Ckean and examine air filter or replace if necessary.

Catergory D: Specialised schedules agreed where possible by manufacturer.

*In adverse conditions where filters cannot be changed for any reason the customer must be informed and clearly noted on the invoice.

Note: Where the above schedule refers only to inspection of items of equipment, the engineer may advise the Customer if further work outside the Schedule is required. Chimney cleaning is not part of the service.