Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are at the centre of modern, green energy.

Heat pumps can be split into three categories:-

  • Air to Water

    Air to Water Heat pumps can replace a traditional boiler with a few tweaks to your heating system. They provide of all your hot water and central heating. The Government is committed to supporting renewable technologies such as Air to Water Heat Pumps, to promote the move away from fossil fuels. Funding of £7500 is available via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme for Air to Water Heat Pumps

  • Air to Air

    Air to Air Heat pumps are similar to Air Conditioning units; they can extract heat from outside and convert to useable heat in your home. These have the benefit of cooling your home in the summer months. These are ideal for smaller homes, open plan homes or individual rooms. Especially conservatories and home offices.

  • Air to Water Hybrids

    Air to Water Hybrids is a Heat pump that compliments a traditional oil or gas boiler. It will aid the heating with the benefit of using the boiler when necessary. These are ideal for properties that are hard to insulate or draughty, they also work well in the larger home.

Before we can design a Heat pump system we would need to discuss your specific requirements. Once we know your needs we can establish if your property is suitable.

Heat Pumps can be over 100% efficent, how heat pumps work *

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