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The Heat Geek Elite certification ensures that we have completed the best available training for designing and installing heating systems. It also guarantees our knowledge of heating systems, system design, and practical skills give our customers the maximum efficiencies possible.

Our business has also agreed to comply with the Heat Geek strict code of conduct, and undergone a strict audit, checking relevant insurance documents and financial history - offering peace of mind to customers that Elite Services Group can deliver the high standards expected of a Heat Geek expert. Put simply, we are Elite. We are the best in the industry.

What is a Heat Geek?

Heat Geek is an education and certification body that offers training and expert advice on all aspects of the heating industry for professional heating engineers and installers.

100% unbiased, and always valuing facts over opinion, Heat Geek aims to eradicate out-of-date practices and information available to heating installers, whilst also raising the stagnated standards customers receive when booking a heating installation or service.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction. Each time.

What makes Heat Geek Elite engineers so special?

Heat Geek Elite guarantee our engineers have the practical skill set to back up their best-in-class knowledge.
It also ensures they are the best possible heat pump engineers to design and install your heating or renewable energy system

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