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Cooker Servicing

Why use Tincknell Heating for your cooker servicing?

Tincknell Heating are the West Country's premier Heating Company offering over 60 years of expertise in maintaining Cookers. Our high quality Cooker Service is specially designed to maximise the efficiency and reliability of your cooker.

The service is carried out by one of our OFTEC registered engineers to a very high standard.

How often should I have my cooker serviced?

If your cooker is on all year round then it is recommended that the applicance is serviced twice a year. However many people choose to just run their cooker during the winter months, In which case one service a year would be sufficient. For customers only running their applicance in the winter months, if the service is done when you are ready to turn the applicance on, we would then be able to assist with lighting the applicance ready for the winter months.